Interstate Move? 2 Furniture Safety Tips

From the weight of the furniture to the narrow doorways and sharp-turn stairs, moving a piece of furniture can be tiresome and risky. Things get worse if you lack the skills and equipment for the job, especially for a long-distance move. You risk sustaining serious injuries and damaging your expensive furniture.

By learning how to move your furniture safely, you can reduce the chances of hazardous incidents and ensure a seamless moving experience. Check out these two helpful furniture moving tips.

Disassemble the Large Furniture

Sure, some furniture pieces can be moved efficiently without the need to disassemble them. But you shouldn't attempt to move larger ones like beds, bookshelves, dressers and armchairs without first disassembling them.

Disassembling your furniture makes it easier to navigate through smaller door openings and tight sections, especially if you have a narrow stairway. Furthermore, breaking down the furniture makes moving heavy furniture to and from the truck more manageable. There is a reduced risk of strain and injuries. In addition, your furniture gets to your new space undamaged.

Some furniture pieces are also too fragile to be moved as they are. For instance, if the items have brittle glass and ornamental components, you should first disassemble them to pack the fragile parts separately so that they are less likely to break during the move.

Get Professional Help

Moving your furniture alone is basically setting yourself up for failure. Some people assume that it will save them money that they'd have spent on professional movers. But if you look at things from a broader perspective, you'll realise that the opposite is true.

Reliable furniture movers have the right combination of skills and expertise to move your furniture safely. They know how to utilise proper lifting techniques to avoid damage to the walls, floors, and other parts of the home when moving bulky furniture. They also understand how to safely load the furniture, ensuring no damage to it, so you don't have to spend more on expensive repairs or replacement costs.

Even better, movers come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to hold the furniture pieces in place. For example, an experienced mover will bring a large moving dolly to secure your furniture and guarantee safety and efficiency during the move. An average homeowner might not own such a specialised piece of equipment, so it is a huge plus when you hire a mover.

The movers will also help you wrap the delicate furniture items so you won't have to spend on wrappers and other moving gear that you might never need again. 

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