New Furniture Delivery Tips

One of the challenges you might experience after buying new furniture is transporting it to your home without damaging any components. Well, if you happen to be in this predicament, read this extract for some new furniture delivery tips. 


Below are some preparation tips to consider: 

  • The rule is that you should not move furniture regularly. Therefore, map out where you want to place the furniture. Additionally, remove obstacles such as tables that could affect you as you place the furniture.
  • Does your home have a proper access route? For instance, if you live in an apartment or plan to place the furniture upstairs, are the hallways and entrance points wide enough?
  • If your house has a narrow entrance or hallway, consider dismantling the furniture to prevent damages.
  • If you live in an apartment, you could ask the property manager to reserve a staircase or elevator as you move in the furniture. 

Determine The Required Equipment

Prepare the furniture for delivery. Typically, you will need to wrap it in removal blankets to prevent damages around the edges during loading and moving. You will need to determine a suitable method to move the furniture from the shop to the van and into your home. Lifting the furniture could lead to severe back injuries and muscle sprains. Furniture trollies are an instant solution since they are efficient and easy to use. If the furniture is not heavy, you could use furniture straps to carry it. 

In some cases, you cannot dismantle the furniture, yet your hallways are narrow. The solution is to hoist the furniture and get it through a balcony or window. In this case, you will require specialist equipment such as a forklift or suspended scaffold. 

Consider Removal Services

Clearly, new furniture delivery can be a taxing affair for any homeowner. You can ensure stress-free delivery by hiring a furniture removalist. The professional will prepare the furniture, transport it and move it inside the house. Although you will incur an extra cost, the removalist ensures convenience and saves you the costs of renting a truck and hiring moving equipment. Besides, the removalist has an insurance cover that compensates clients whose furniture gets damaged during delivery. 

It is prudent to examine the removalist's expertise before hiring them. For instance, inquire whether they have the required removal equipment. Besides, ask about their availability to prevent disappointments. Finally, ensure they have an operating licence and that they are members of a professional association. 

When conducting new furniture delivery, consider the outlined preparation tips, determine the required equipment and consider removal services. For more information, contact a local company, like Borgas Removals And Storage.

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