Top Tips When Renting A Storage Unit As You Move

When moving your home, there is a probability that you might require storage services. Storage makes your move cheaper and more convenient and helps declutter your new home. This extract discusses the considerations to make when hiring a storage unit as you move your home. 

Onsite Versus Offsite Storage

Removalists offer both onsite and offsite storage solutions for their clients. The easiest way to establish a suitable option is to assess your needs. For example, an onsite storage unit enables you to access your items with ease. Additionally, it can reduce the removal costs since you can pack your items inside the unit. The downside of this alternative is that it may not be ideal for people without adequate space in their homes. Besides, it could be more expensive than offsite storage. On the other hand, offsite storage is one of the most popular storage options. It is flexible in that you have access to different sizes of storage units, so it is your best bet when you need long-term storage. 

Inspect The Unit Before Signing The Contract

It is always wise to inspect the unit before you sign the contract. It ensures that you get value for your money. Ideally, you should be concerned with the build of the unit. For example, weak frames could compromise the integrity of the unit during rain and strong winds. On the other hand, cracks will let in pests, dirt and humidity. Besides, they affect the functionality of the climate-control system. Remember to assess the locks and security features, such as CCTV and alarms. 

Ask For Complimentary Services

Most removalists will offer complementary services to build customer loyalty. For example, if you need offsite storage, the professional can transport your items to the unit and assist with arranging. The professional could ship the unit to your premises at a discounted cost if you need onsite storage. Inquire about the availability of full-service storage, office space, and long-term parking at the offsite storage facility. However, you might incur a slight additional charge. 

Understand The Hiring Conditions

The storage contract will give details on the conditions of renting the unit. For example, check if the company insures items inside the unit. When renting offsite storage, examine the company's damage policies. For instance, you should not have to incur penalties for damage, such as rust. 

When renting a storage unit, decide whether you need onsite or offsite storage, inspect the unit, ask for complementary services and check the terms of hire. 

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