Two tips to follow during your first house move

If you're moving house for the first time, here are a few tips you should follow.

Get your belongings ready for collection

There are certain items that you'll need to do prep work on before you give them to the removals company. For instance, you should empty your fridge, as leaving things like condiments in the fridge is a bad idea (even if you seal the fridge door shut with tape) because the contents will get tossed around inside the fridge during the removalists' journey to your new house, and you'll probably find that the fridge's interior ends up coated in mustard or mayonnaise when you open it. You should also take the glass shelves out of the fridge and package them separately, as there's a chance they could detach and shatter if they're left inside.

Additionally, you should empty your vacuum bag, in case the cover that encases it falls off whilst it's in the removals van and the dirt, hair and dust inside this bag go flying all over your boxes. You should also ensure that you fully dry any clothes that you wash shortly before the move because if you throw them into a box or a bag, you might forget about them or be unable to find them at the new place, which might result in them not drying properly and developing a musty smell.

Consider whether there is any information you need to give the removals team about specific items

You should also consider whether you need to provide the removals team with information about specific items. For example, if you'd like the removals team to carry your desk by the base instead of holding onto the edges of the desk's tabletop because the top is loose and will detach if they pull at it, then you should email the removals company about this beforehand. Similarly, if you would prefer them not to touch the screen of your computer monitor or television whilst they carry it so that these screens don't get smudged, you should ensure that you include this in the instructions you send in your email.

Giving them this additional information will ensure that they transport your items in the exact way that you want them to and will mean that they won't have to waste time consulting you about the handling of these items when they're in the middle of moving your things.

To learn more, contact a removals company.

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