Moving Day: How Backloading Can Save You Money

What's the most inexpensive way to move house? It's probably to buy or rent the home next door to yours and then carry all your furniture across. Of course, this isn't likely to happen to most people. Your move might take you to a new town, a new state or even clear across the country. The way to make such a move as inexpensive as possible is to find someone whose own move takes them in the opposite direction.

There and Back

When a furniture removals company moves a client over a great distance, only half the trip is truly profitable. A full removals truck makes the journey there, and an empty removals truck makes the journey back. This available space on the return journey has resulted in a moving process known as backloading.

Less Expensive

The clue is in the name, and backloading is simply loading the truck for the journey back. Since the first part of the journey was already arranged and paid for by the initial client, which has placed the truck and its staff at a certain location, transporting goods for the return journey from that certain location can be considerably less expensive than paying for the entire process yourself.

The Date of the Move

Obviously, the challenge is finding a moving company who offers backloading on the date you wish to move, and this becomes more probable if you're moving from one city to another or at least from one town to another. You will have limited options if you were moving from one rural area to another. It's helpful to have some flexibility with your dates, even if you need to move your possessions into a storage unit, if only for a few days. This can still work out to be good value for the money when the reduced price of backloading is taken into account.

The Size of the Truck

You won't have selected the size of the truck yourself, and it might be that the truck in question far exceeds your needs. This is why you might find yourself sharing backloading with another client who also needs to move their possessions. It's unlikely that your goods and theirs will be mixed up, even though you're sharing the same truck, but this reinforces the importance of labelling your possessions. As a quick visual reference, you might even want to colour-code your boxes, applying a large sticker in a bold colour to your boxes so that even with a quick glance, your boxes can be immediately identified.

You might have to make a few enquiries before you can find a furniture removals company able to offer backloading from your current location on a date that suits you, but it's worth the effort.

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