Common Mistakes to Avoid Whenever You Are Moving a Piano

One of the valuable musical instruments you can own is a piano. This equipment holds a monetary and sentimental value, which means it must be taken care of throughout. However, most people tend to make mistakes when moving their pianos, resulting in costly damages, some of which are irreparable. For this reason, it's crucial to equip yourself with vital knowledge on how to handle the move process. This piece will share top blunders you shouldn't make.

Underestimating the weight

The first and most essential factor that must be considered before deciding to move a piano is its weight. However, most people usually underestimate the piano's weight, which leads to problems on moving day. Ideally, the weight of the instrument is calculated by measuring its height and width.

Most upright pianos weigh less than large pianos, even though older large pianos are heavy too. So if your piano is more than five feet long, its weight is most likely over five hundred pounds. Smaller upright pianos weigh less. Once you know the weight, you will make the necessary plans to move it and get adequate help.

Failing to confirm the scope of work

Knowing the weight of your piano doesn't mean that you can now move it comfortably. There are other factors you must consider to avoid surprises on moving day. The piano removalist you hire will research in advance and make the necessary plans. Other than confirming the weight, they will need to know where the piano is located and its size to get the appropriate gear and human resources for the job.

For instance, a grand piano that's located on the second or third storey will be more challenging to move compared to the one that's on the ground floor. The available space also matters, so consider allowing the piano removalist to visit your home or office to do a detailed survey. Professional piano movers are trustworthy and respect your privacy, so you need not worry.

Allocating inadequate time

Another mistake people make when moving their pianos is to leave too little time for the move. Those who are moving the piano should never be in a rush, as this will lead to costly mistakes. All the necessary preparations must be made. For instance, the keys and edges will need to be concealed before the move. The moving process from your building into the vehicle and offloading should also be done systematically. A good rule of thumb is to start the work earlier to avoid rushing.

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