3 Reasons to Use a Caravan Storage Facility

You may have dreamed about owning your own caravan for years; however, there may be practical reasons that prevent you from actually buying one. In some cases, it helps to arrange external storage for this kind of vehicle, say in a self-storage facility. How will storing your caravan away from your home help you buy one in the first place?

1. You Don't Have Space at Home

Some people find it easy to store their caravans at home. They put their caravan in a garage or park it on their driveway. However, this might not work for you. You may not have a garage. Or the one you have may be too small to take a larger vehicle. If you don't have a drive or live in an apartment, then you won't have spare parking space.

Storage containers solve this problem for you. You hire space on a storage facility, either indoor or outdoor, where your caravan can live. You simply go and pick it up when you want to take a trip; you then park it up again when you return home.

2. You're Worried About Security

Caravans are attractive to thieves; they have some value. So, you may not be happy parking your vehicle on your driveway or street where it is out in the open and easily visible.

If you put the caravan in secure storage when you aren't using it, then you don't have to worry. Most storage sites offer robust exterior security to keep people off the site who shouldn't be there. You can also choose from a range of security options to secure your vehicle in its space. For example, individual storage containers often come with coded access for extra security.

3. You Want to Reduce Your Insurance Costs

If you don't have somewhere to store your caravan securely at home, then your insurance costs may be higher than they need to be. If you can't prove to your insurer that you are locking your caravan away when it isn't in use, then your premiums have to take into account this higher risk.

If you hire a unit in a storage site, then your insurer may discount your policy. If you can prove that the caravan is securely stored and has restricted access, then the risk of theft or damage becomes less likely.

To find out more about suitable storage containers for the caravan of your dreams, contact local caravan storage facilities.

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