Services You Can Get From a Removals Company

A good removals company is essential if you are moving to a new home or relocating your business. But most companies will offer more than merely transporting your goods from one place to another. Here are some of the services that you may want to look into.


Most removalists will handle the packing for you. Their staff are highly experienced and trained in packing goods, and they will ensure that everything arrives safely. They will be able to wrap fragile items, such as glass or china, in specialist materials that you might not have yourself. They are also knowledgeable about how to pack antiques or other expensive items and will be able to wrap your furniture in bubble blankets to ensure that there is no damage in transit. If you would prefer to pack your belongings yourself, your removalists may be able to supply you with suitable cartons to ensure that everything arrives in one piece. However, you should remember that you will probably not be insured for damage if you do your own packing.


As well as moving your belongings from one site to another, your removalists may be able to offer storage solutions if the move cannot be made in one trip. They may be able to offer long-term as well as short-term storage depending on how long the move will take. Your items will be fully inventoried and will be stored in secure warehouses with CCTV and security staff. This will save you from having to ask friends or family to store your items or having to arrange storage yourself.


As well as emptying your old home, many removalists will be able to arrange for it to be fully cleaned. You may be required by your landlord to clean, but it is always respectful to the new occupants to have it ready to move in. As well as a deep clean, your removalists will be able to dispose of any rubbish that has been left behind and leave the home in a good state to be moved into. You will probably have enough to think about with your move, and knowing that your old premises will be given a professional clean will be one more weight off your mind.

A removals company can take away a lot of the stress of moving. Find out what services they offer, and your move should go as smoothly as possible.

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