What To Look For When Choosing A Self-Storage Unit For Your Major Appliances

Whether you need to keep your items in storage as you get your new home ready or have bought new appliances, you can keep your major household appliances in a self-storage unit for as long as you may wish. You should, however, ensure that you choose the right unit.

Some of the top features to consider when selecting a self-storage unit for major appliances such as a refrigerator and washing machine include the following.

Drive-Up Access

Drive-up units are also known as self-storage garages. These storage units, like your garage, allow you to drive up to the unit for easy offloading and loading.

Given the weight of these appliances, this is a significant advantage, and you don't have to worry about straining yourself when making the drop-off or when picking up your stored items.


It may seem obvious, but you cannot understate the importance of ensuring that you pick a self-storage unit that will accommodate your heavy appliances. You cannot take apart your refrigerator, and that is why you need a unit that will fit the fridge as it is. It also needs to stay upright to avoid tampering with the compressor.

Also ensure that there is enough space around the appliances for when you come to get them from storage.

Security Features

The security features of your self-storage unit should always be a matter of concern regardless of what you intend to put into storage. That said, major appliances are quite expensive, and the last thing you would want is to have to spend on buying new ones to replace the items that were stolen or otherwise damaged while in storage.

Ask about video surveillance, controlled gate access and other security features. Before moving your appliances into the self-storage unit, enquire about insurance and the policy on compensation.

Climate Control

You do not need a climate-controlled unit to store your major appliances, but there are some benefits to choosing such a unit.

Protect and preserve your appliances by choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. Extreme weather may affect some components in your appliances, which will, in turn, affect your appliance's performance. Your appliances will also be ready for use immediately they get out of the climate-controlled unit.

Select the right self-storage unit, and dropping off and picking up your appliances will be stress-free. You can also ensure that your appliances are safe and work-ready as soon as you get them from storage.

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