In The Know Before You Go: 2 Items Your Furniture Removalist Will Decline To Transport

A lot of forethought and planning goes into moving the contents of a home from one property to another, so the last thing you want on moving day is to find out any of your belongings are not allowed on the removalist's truck. Removal companies will give you a list of prohibited items before they come to collect your things, but the sooner you know what these items are, the more time you have to make alternative arrangements to move them. Here are two common items that your removals company cannot transport for you on moving day.

LPG Tank

If you have a charcoal or wood-burning barbecue, then this item is not of concern to you. However, if you use an LPG tank to cook outdoors, then you need to either empty it before moving day or place the LPG tank in your car instead of the truck. LPG tanks are not designed to explode, but accidents happen. An exploding LPG tank in the confined space of a moving truck is a recipe for disaster for both your belongings and the truck driver. Because LPG gas does not simply evaporate into the air, you cannot open the tank valve to empty it. Instead, take it to an LPG station, and they can empty the tank for you. If you wish to keep the gas, then you must move the tank yourself.


Another item which must be transported with you rather than on the truck is anything valuable. This includes items such as jewellery, precious stone or rare stamp collections, and even authentic samurai swords. The reason for this is insurance. Items which have high value are not covered under the moving day insurance policy. Some companies may allow these items to be added at an extra cost and insured for their specified value, but this is often quite cost-prohibitive. Add to the mix the fact that moving day is often one of controlled chaos, so having valuables in boxes means it is difficult to keep a close eye on them. You must, instead, transport all valuable items with you.

The list of items which your furniture removalist cannot help you with is small, but when you want to see the full list sooner rather than later, give the moving company a call. While on the phone, make sure you let them know about any speciality items which require moving, like large clocks or pianos, and then nobody will get any surprises on moving day.

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