Relocating on Short Notice? Essential Tips to Help You Through the Hasty Process

Moving house marks the beginning of a new and exciting life at a new residence. Under normal circumstances, a successful relocation means months of preparation and travel back and forth to the new house to prepare for a smooth transition. This is why a last-minute move can be a source of stress.

Whether you're taking up a new job, moving due to a health problem or simply needing a change in lifestyle, a short notice house removal requires proper planning to go smoothly. 

Here are a few helpful tips for you.

Establish Exactly How Much Time You Have 

The first step to making your emergency move a little less stressful is organising your deadlines. You can create a binder with important moving documents and note down important deadlines to guarantee maximum efficiency.  

Now that time won't be on your side, this will help you prioritise important tasks, such as notifying the banks, schools, utility services providers and postal mail service about your move and change in address. 

Create a Home Inventory and Get Your Packing Supplies 

Due to the short nature of the move, making an inventory of your house belongings will give you a clear idea of the size of the task and where to get started. You're the chief custodian of your home, and an inventory will help you to sort out everything based on category and priority. 

Getting your packaging supplies early enough is a good way to get a head start on the move. This will make your quick transition more organised and efficient. 

Hire a Professional House Removalist  

If you are really short on time, it's almost impossible to make a move on your own, and you might want to hire a house removal service. Removalists will help you pack quickly and efficiently to ensure all your belongings arrive in your new home safely. 

A removalist will also free up time to handle other tasks such as finishing up on paperwork.  Remember to book a removal service as soon as you learn about the move to avoid having last-minute booking fees or missing a slot on the day of the move. 

You can also hire the removalist for unpacking services to make sure you settle in as quickly as possible. Anything you can afford to delegate will ease the moving stress for you. 

With the above tips, moving house on short notice shouldn't be a hassle. Have a hassle-free move!

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