Two tips for those who need to move house after an acrimonious divorce

If you and your ex-spouse have recently gone through an acrimonious divorce and you now need to move out of your shared property, you might find the following tips to be quite helpful.

Arrange for the removals team to come when your ex-spouse is out of the house

If possible, you should try to arrange for the removals team to come to your home and pick up your possessions during a period when your ex-spouse will be out of the house.

The reason for this is as follows; leaving a home that you shared with someone you once loved can be an upsetting experience.

As such, if you and your ex-spouse are not on good terms, and you are both in the property when the removalists begin the process of moving your belongings, it is very likely that one of you will have an emotional outburst, which could potentially lead to a full-blown argument.

This could not only create an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere for the removalists to work in but could also make your experience of moving out even more distressing.

You may then find yourself feeling tearful and anxious when you get to your new home, instead of being excited about your fresh start.

Make sure that your packed boxes do not contain items that belong to your ex

Before you seal up your packed boxes with sticky tape, it is worth going through the contents of each box to check for items that may belong to your ex.

The reason for this is as follows; if your divorce was acrimonious, and you accidentally take some of your ex-spouse's valuable belongings, they may accuse you of theft or of failing to adhere to the terms of your divorce settlement. This could result in legal issues that could make the first few months in your new home incredibly stressful.

Even if your ex-partner gives you the benefit of the doubt and believes that you took an item by mistake, you will still have to endure the painful process of going back to your old home or meeting them somewhere to return this object.

As such, it is worth looking through your belongings before sealing up the boxes and transporting them to your new property. Whilst this could result in the packing process taking a bit longer than you hoped it would, it could spare you a lot of stress in the future.

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