A Guide to Choosing a Removalist

One of the most critical decisions you will have to make when planning to relocate is choosing a removalist. A removalist refers to either a person or firm that transports household or office contents from one location to another. While you might be tempted to either conduct removals on your own or ask help from friends and close family, you might end up breaking some items since you are not experts in the field. A removalist makes moving easy and stress-free.  

Below is a guide on how to choose a removalist.

The reputation of the removalist.

To get a reputable removalist, you should seek referrals from friends and family who have engaged removalist services before. However, the referrals should be from recent experiences as the quality of service is bound to change over time. You can also conduct online research and look for removalists with positive feedback from clients.

Accreditation and licensing.

It is critical that the removalist is licensed to conduct business in your area of residence and where you intend to move to. In Australia, removalists are regulated by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). AFRA accreditation means that the removalist has the required staff, equipment and vehicles required to move a client professionally.

Extra services.

Most removalists offer packing and transport services. However, there are those that offer extra services such as the provision of packing boxes, unpacking and arranging your items in your new house or office. Removalists providing extra services demonstrate high levels of industry knowledge, innovation and customer appreciation. As such, they should be given priority over those that only offer the basic package.

Insurance service.

Removals insurance is a type of insurance that covers any breakages or losses incurred during relocation. It ensures that valuable and fragile items are protected during the moving process. Your chosen removalist should have removals insurance.


The removalist should be priced within your budget estimates. Once you receive a quote from a removalist, ask if charges are billed by the hour or they cater for the entire job. Another important aspect is the terms of payment. You may be asked to pay a down payment or the full amount. Do not be afraid to ask for a price cut especially if you have confidence that the removalist is capable of handling the task at hand.

Removalists help in easing the relocation process. When choosing a removalist, ensure that they are reputable and accredited. Also, they should be affordable, offer extra services, and have removals insurance. 

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One of the most critical decisions you will have to make when planning to relocate is choosing a removalist. A removalist refers to either a person or