Three Essential Tips to Remember When Hiring a Moving Truck

If you are moving to a new location, you should engage a professional removal service. The experts will help you handle the packing, loading and transportation tasks with ease, ensuring efficiency and safety during the moving process. However, if you are on a tight budget, you should think about hiring a moving truck or van for self-removal. This option cuts the cost of professional labour. Therefore, you will be able to cut the total expenses significantly. You should note that poor truck hiring practices can compromise the efficiency and convenience of the move. Therefore, here are some practical tips to help you hire the right moving vehicle with ease.

Estimate the Correct Size

One of the most common problems experienced when hiring a moving van is the hire of an inappropriately sized vehicle. Some individuals will rent a small truck, and this will limit the number of items that they can comfortably place when moving. On the other hand, people might hire a larger than necessary truck which means that the cost-cutting efforts will be compromised. It is advisable to ask for help on sizing from your chosen moving vehicle rental company. The professionals will provide recommendations based on the size of the home or general volume of belongings.

Book Your Van Early

You should not assume that no one will be moving on the day of your planned move. Instead, you should reserve a truck early when you confirm the date of your move. If you fail to book a truck, you might find that the vehicles are already hired out to other people. As a result, your entire schedule could be disrupted. If possible, you should avoid planning your move at the end or beginning of the month. These times are often busy, especially during fair weather seasons. It might be difficult to find an appropriate van for hire, or the charges might be higher.

Inquire About Accessories

You will need some critical moving accessories for packing, loading and transporting your goods from your old house to the new place. It is advisable to hire these items from the same moving truck rental company for convenience. Moreover, you might get some great bargains when you rent multiple items. You should inquire about the availability of furniture or appliance dollies. These wheeled carts are invaluable for handling your bulky possessions. You can also hire moving blankets to protect your delicate appliances and furniture pieces. It might also be possible to purchase bubble wrap, packing boxes and tape from the same company.

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