Furniture Storage: Three Practical Tips for Safe and Efficient Storage

You should think about storing your furniture in a self-storage unit if you do not have sufficient space in your home. This solution is ideal if you are downsizing but are not ready to part with your excess furniture. You should also consider this method if you are interested in changing your home design. You can place new furniture pieces while still retaining the old option. If you are using a storage unit for the first time, you should use these practical tips for safe and efficient storage.

Select a Suitable Unit

You should choose the right storage unit for your furniture. There are numerous facilities in most towns and local areas; you should explore the options before making your decision. You should rent a storage unit which can accommodate your furniture comfortably. You should also have some spare space in case you need to place other items in the future. The facility should be in an accessible place, especially if you intend to visit often. Additionally, you should check the condition of your preferred units. The storage space should be well-maintained, free of leaks and weather-sealed.

Disassemble the Pieces

You should disassemble your furniture in your home before moving it to your storage unit. This process will help you maximise the space you have rented. If couches, beds and other large pieces of furniture are placed in the room as they are, you might have to upgrade to a new unit or rent additional space. Moreover, you will be able to handle the large items easily if they are disassembled. When performing this task, you should be careful to manage the fastenings with care. Ideally, you should place them in labelled bags to avoid confusion and ensure convenience in the future. 

Cover to Protect

You should cover your furniture to protect the surfaces. Under ideal circumstances, they should be covered before moving from the house to prevent damage during the move. The coverings will also prevent dust accumulation during the period of storage. This practice is of particular importance if you have delicate pieces such as antique wood furniture or leather sofas. You should obtain some soft quilts, sheets, blankets or similar fabrics for keeping your assets safe. You should never use plastic bags or wraps around your pieces, especially if they made using wood or leather. The plastic will promote accumulation of moisture. 

Moving furniture to storage can be a challenging project. Therefore, if possible, you should consider hiring professional removalists for assistance.

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