Getting Antiques Ready to be Stored Long Term

If you've got a collection of valuable antiques, you might find that you don't have the room to store it all at home. Perhaps you're moving, or you've had to downsize, or you've just slightly overdone it with the collecting. Whatever your reasons, you probably don't want to just sell things on after you've spent time gathering and hunting them down.

A good option is long-term storage, which will let you keep hold of your whole collection without having to clutter up your home. It gives you the time to think about what you'd like to do with it all or find somewhere more permanent to keep it in the future. When you're storing delicate antique items, make sure you prepare them properly so they don't get damaged while they're in storage.


Paintings are one of the most difficult things to store, as they're so delicate and with a high risk of damage happening without the right care.

To protect the surface, wrap it gently in paper that's free of acids, so it doesn't cause the colours to fade. You can then add a layer of bubble wrap to cushion against impacts and protect the frame.

When storing art, choose a storage facility that controls the temperature and humidity; if these conditions aren't right, significant damage can occur over time.


Give your furniture a good clean, and remove any parts that can be removed. Check all the wooden parts for signs of woodworm, and apply a treatment if necessary. If you're worried it might come into contact with pests, you can also apply a preventative. Make sure you put any screws or bolts into small bags and keep them with the furniture.

As with art, you should find a climate-controlled storage facility for furniture because changes and extremes can cause damage.


Make sure textiles are clean and dust-free before putting them into storage. Keep them flat and protect them by wrapping them in acid-free paper or white, unbleached cotton. You should protect them with a further covering to stop light getting through, as this can cause textiles to fade.


Ceramic antiques are one of the easier things to store, despite their fragility. As long as they're well protected and cushioned, you shouldn't have any problems. They're not as sensitive to temperatures as other items are, although it's best to protect them against light if they're painted to prevent colour fading.

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