Organization Ideas for the Craft Room

The craft room can easily become one of the home's favorite places to be when an avid crafter lives there. But they can also become one of the messiest and disorganized rooms straight out of an episode of Hoarders. So how does one keep the space neat and clean? There are so many ways, and most of them can be done with simple organization ideas that are quick, effective, and cheap.


Shelves are the easiest way to organize any room. They are a great way to use the vertical wall space, easy to buy and put together, and when paired with the next item, have unlimited storage potential.


Baskets can be used as a quick and easy storage solution. Adding one next to the favorite chair can hold yam, books, or other items. When matched with the shelves, all the scissors, tapes, and other supplies become organized and easily retrievable by sorting everything into baskets and placing the baskets on the shelves. The shelves look neat and the baskets add easy storage.

Filing cabinets

Filing cabinets are an office staple that is starting to become a thing of the past since everyone is going digital. But this gives a great opportunity to do some up-cycling and use these old filing cabinets as they weren't originally intended. The large hanging folders make for an obvious choice when organizing paper items like cardstock and scrapbook paper. But if the "folder' part is removed and the small metal hanging bars are kept, the fabric can be draped over them and stored hanging and organized instead of in a mess in a box.

Peg Boards

Peg boards are a crafter's dream come true. What could be better than simply sticking a peg in holes to make whatever kind of organization system that's needed? Hanging supplies in plain sight makes it easier to find (and put away) than having to dig through baskets of supplies. And if the arrangement isn't working or more space is needed, just simply rearrange the pegs until it works.

So, there are four ways that the craft room can be organized. One of the best things to remember about organization is that thinking outside the box can help bring a unique look and use to the craft room. A long, wide shelf can be used as a desk if it's set on top of two upcycled filing cabinets, and small baskets can easily organize the inside of drawers or bigger baskets to just add that much more organization. The possibilities are endless.

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