Could You Benefit From Using A Backloading Removal Service?

Backloading is a term used by removal companies and simply means booking a removal job on the return journey of an interstate move. For example, if a removal company have a job moving items from Victoria to Queensland, their van will be empty on the return leg of their journey. This dead space is not efficient for the company, so they offer the opportunity to book space on their van for the return journey at a reduced price. These are backloads Vic to Qld. Removal companies charge for the use of the entire van on a standard job, but only charge for the space you use on a backloading job.

Is Backloading The Right Option For You?

When you take advantage of a backloading van slot, you can move an entire vanload or a single item. If the items you're moving don't take up the entire van, the removal company will sell the remaining van space to other customers. This means your belongings will be transported with other people's items. Your belongings won't receive any less care or be at an increased risk of damage, so there's no real downfall to this approach for you as a customer, but it's something you should be aware of and ensure you're comfortable with.

In addition to being a cost-effective option for transporting the entire contents of your home if you're moving to a new state, which tends to be expensive, backloading is particularly suited to those who only have a few items to move, such as students moving into dorms or back home for the summer. Backloading space can also be booked to move business stock, shop fittings, paperwork and the contents of storage units. Additionally, if you've made an online purchase of a bulky item that can't be posted easily, such as a household appliance or piece of furniture from Gumtree, having the item moved as part of a backloading job can be less expensive than using a courier company.

Are There Other Benefits Associated With Backloading?

It's not always easy to secure a removal van for an interstate move unless you can give the company plenty of notice, as companies who offer interstate moves tend to be busy and booking slots get taken quickly. However, there are usually vans making the return journey with space to spare, so enquiring about backloading can help you secure space on a removal van at short notice.

Backloading is also an environmentally friendlier option than having empty vans making long return journeys back to the removal company's headquarters. So, if the environmental impact of your move is of concern to you, booking a backloading slot can give you some peace of mind during an otherwise stressful time.

If you think backloading could be a good option for your next move, contact a few removal companies with the specific details of what you want to move. This will allow them to give you an accurate quote and ensure there's enough room in their van to transport your belongings in your chosen time slot. 

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