Moving House with Tons of Books: How to Pack a Large Number of Books when Moving House

The Library of Congress, which was founded in 1880, contains over 38 million books. Imagine the manpower and machinery it would take to transport that amount of books. However, unlike the average book collector, the American government has limitless resources when it comes to the logistics of moving books. If you are soon to be moving house, you might be looking at your huge book collection and wondering just how on Earth you are going to shift it.

That's understandable because improperly boxed books can become a total nightmare. The right box selection is paramount to your success when it comes to moving boxes. Pack too much and the boxes might split and come apart or be too heavy to lift. Likewise, box shape, state, and size will all have an impact. When packing your books for a move, ensure you follow these tips to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Good Box Selection is a Must

If you have a large quantity of books, you should first think about obtaining a number of boxes that are similar in size and shape. This will make packing, carrying, and stacking your boxes of books easy on moving day. Remember, the bigger the box, the fewer books it can safely hold without bursting at the seams.

The perfect boxes for your needs are the boxes that A4 paper is kept in. These boxes are compact, sturdy and of course designed to hold heavy tree matter—paper. Call each and every one of your friends that works in an office and have them bring you one or two of these empty A4 boxes. You can also ask around internet cafes with printers, office buildings, and stationary stores.

Pad Boxes for Hardbacks

Hardbacks with attractive or rare covers should be stored in padded boxes. Line these boxes with bubble wrap or pieces of soft foam to ensure the covers are intact when you arrive at your new home.

Take Inventory of Each Box

This step will save you hours and hours of sorting time when you finally get around to unpacking your books. As you pack, keep inventory of what's in each box. Finally, before you seal each box, place one inventory inside the box just in case the one you place on the outside is lost during the move.

As long as you follow these three important steps, packing your books shouldn't be such a daunting task. However, be sure to remind your removalists to be extra careful when loading and unloading them and try to keep them all in one place, the room you plan to store them in.

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