Reducing the Cost of Your Storage Unit: 3 Things You Need to Consider

Self-storage costs can vary a great deal depending on a range of factors. This fact means that it can be difficult to find the best storage unit for your needs without spending much more than you need to. This article contains advice which will help you to get the best storage you need, at the best possible price.

Know when to book the unit

Depending on the area you live in, there will be times when there is a lot of demand for a storage unit and times when demand is low. For example, if you live in an area which has a lot of students, you may find that the demand for storage units increases over the summer months as the students place their belongings in storage while they go travelling. Typically, as the demand for storage space rises so does the price. When looking for a storage unit to rent, you should check out the seasonal pricing and time your booking, so it covers the cheaper periods of the years.

Consider the size of unit you require

It can be difficult to estimate the size of the unit you will require for all of your belongings. If you overestimate the amount of room you need, you may find yourself paying extra for a larger storage unit which is only half full. Of course, if you underestimate, you may find yourself unable to store everything as planned. The best way to calculate the size of the storage unit is to ask the storage contractor. If you give them a list of what you plan to store, they should be able to estimate the amount of space you will need.

Check out different types of unit

Another way of reducing the cost of your self-storage unit is to check out the different types of unit which are available to you. A lot of self-storage units are spread out over several floors, which means you have a choice of which floor you want to store your stuff on. Typically, because they are easy to access, self-storage units which are located on the ground floor are the most expensive. If you hire a storage unit which is on the second or third floor, you should find that it is offered at a much cheaper rate. However, before committing to a self-storage unit which is located on an upper floor, you should check that there is an elevator installed and that the company will supply you with trollies so you can transport your belongings from the truck to the unit with ease.

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