4 Items That Require Ventilation During Storage in a Shipping Container

Some inexperienced people may not know when they should have a shipping container customised in order to provide sufficient ventilation for the items that they would like to store in that shipping container. This article discusses some of the common items that require ventilation if those items are to remain undamaged during their storage in a shipping container.


Ventilation is important whether one is storing landscaping machinery or complex manufacturing equipment. This is because that equipment may be irreparably damaged if it is stored in an environment without adequate ventilation. For example, heat may build up inside the shipping container. That heat can cause various components to expand until they are permanently stretched. Similarly, moisture can wreak havoc on machinery that is stored in a shipping container without sufficient ventilation. This is because the moisture will not dry quickly enough to avert massive rust and corrosion of the equipment.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural products can quickly rot if they are left in an un-ventilated shipping container for long. This is because condensation will form on that produce within a short time. The produce may also become unfit for consumption when mould grows on it during the storage period. Poorly ventilated storage environments create the conditions that favour the rapid growth of microbes on any organic matter. Avoid having to dispose of all your agricultural produce by installing adequate ventilation in the shipping container where you intend to keep that produce.


Most types of furniture can sustain serious damage if they are stored in poorly ventilated locations, such as shipping containers. The furniture can warp due to excessive moisture loss when it gets very hot inside that poorly ventilated shipping container. Mould and mildew can also degrade that furniture. Proper ventilation is the best way to preserve the condition of your furniture during storage.


Different explosives, such as demolition explosives and fireworks, can spontaneously go off if they are exposed to excessive heat during storage in an un-ventilated shipping container. Their operating mechanisms can also degrade and become unsafe during such improper storage. It is therefore better to provide sufficient ventilation so that those explosives can stay at a constant temperature until you need to use them.

Shipping containers can be ventilated in several ways, such as using turbine vents and exhaust vents. Talk to a storage expert from a company like Tasbulk Pty Ltd for help in customising the ventilation of shipping containers.

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